Yamaha YSP-1400 Black Angle

Yamaha YSP-1400 digital sound projector

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"If you are looking for a fantastic sounding system but don't want lots of boxes then this could be the answer. The YSP-1400 emulates a 5.1 speaker system from this single box meaning cabling is an absolute minimum. Just plug in, run the set up and get ready for massive sounds!"
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The Yamaha YSP-1400 is the cheapest digital soundbar on the market. These aren't just soundbars, they emulate surround sound to give an approximation of a true home cinema system.

How? Well a lot of it is clever phasing, and of course there are multiple speakers inside that, unlike on traditional sound bars, represent all those speakers you don't actually have - such as surround sides or rears. By setting up the system in place, Yamahas clever system tunes each of the speakers to fool your ears into thinking there's multiple surround speakers around the room. The end result? Surround sound from a single bar.

We still think that true speakers cannot be beaten, but we also appreciate that having 5, 6 or 7 clunky speakers spread around your room sometimes isn't even physcially possible, let alone visually appealing. It's therefore great to see that this soundbar does pretty much the same job, but without all those wires and hassle with set up.

There's a minus though - you definitely sacrifice sound quality for this effect, and a more standard 2.1 soundbar at the same price will sound a lot better (albeit without the surround) so you'll need to consider carefully if it's worth a surround effect over sound quality.

The YSP-1400 competes against its bigger brother the YSP-2200. So what's it got less? Well the obvious deduction is a subwoofer. For some this is better (less clutter) but for others its a detraction. However, there are cleverly hidden in the ends of this unit two 8.5cm subwoofers that provide a good level of bass so you won't be missing out on much. There's also a subwoofer pre out so if you do want extra bass, you can always add a separate subwoofer.

It can also only emulate 5.1 which, in our opinion, isn't a huge detraction. 5.1 is sufficient for most peoples needs and indeed most people never have more than a 5.1 full sized system. 

These deductions have resulted in that deliciously reduced price, and we think that's what people will primarily look for. At this massive discount over its big brother, this YSP finally can compete against more traditional soundbars on a price for price level.

For the money, you will struggle to get better. Perhaps the valve technology of the HW-F750 is competition? A matter of taste we think, and of course the HW-F750 doesn't do surround sound!

Also known as: YSP1400, YSP 1400


What Hifi 5 star award

What HiFi have awarded this soundbar their 5 star award and made it the winner of their group test in the July 2014 issue. 

Tech Spec


Model YSP-1400


Maximum surround 5.1
Number of channels 8
Power per channel 2W
Total power rating 76W
Surround sound processing Dolby Digital, DTS

Inputs and Outputs

Optical connections 1 in
Digital Co-axial connections 1 in
Analog connections 2 in
Bluetooth Yes


Is it Smart? No
Screen Mirroring No


Curved screen or soundbar No
Speaker Configuration Soundbar


Dimensions (W x H x D) 1,000 x 96 x 133 mm
Net weight 4.3 kg


Remote Control Remote control included, Apple app available, Android app available