Yamaha YIT-W12

Yamaha YIT-W12 wireless streaming from iPod & PC

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"This add on for Yamaha products allows you to stream music wirelessly from an iPhone or iPod, or even from a PC or Mac

No network or Bluetooth is required - it uses its own wireless connection directly to your Yamaha product."

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The concept of the Yamaha YIT-W12 is good. Imagine not having to worry about whether your PC or phone has Bluetooth, or even an internet connection. Instead, plug this in and you can stream wirelessly to your Yamaha product without having to think about it - it sorts it all out for you.

The reality however is that although this is indeed a very useful product, most people do in fact have Bluetooth or an internet connection which makes this kind of redundant. Even worse, there are so few Yamaha products that support this that it in fact has become archaic - yes, if you happen to have a compatible Yamaha product and you haven't got Bluetooth or an internet connection, this IS useful. But realistically? That's such a small percentage of customers that this product is literally our lowest selling accessory.

Of course, if you have stumbled on this page thinking this product is exactly what you want we do not wish to put you off! It does do the job perfectly. It's even given away free with the YSP-3300, but if you have a product like the YAS-201 then this might be just the add on you want. It is easy to use - just plug it into your iPhone and it connects straight away, or use the 3.5mm input to take your PC or Mac's sound (equally it will work with any device with a headphone output).

Once connected you can listen to what you want - so this IS useful. It's just that 10 years ago it was very very useful and nowadays it will only be useful to a handful of people.

Still, it's a great idea by Yamaha! 

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