Yamaha YID-W10

Yamaha YID-W10 wireless dock for iPod/iPhone

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"An iPod dock with a dual purpose. When you want to charge your iPod or iPhone simply place in the cradle as with any dock. When you

want to play music from your Yamaha system, the dock separates into two parts allowing you to wireless stream music."



The Yamaha YID-W10 is one specific bit of kit! It works only with certain Yamaha products such as the YSP-2200 as it needs to be connected via Yamahas own connection cable. It also is designed just for Apple iPhones or iPods, and it has a rather specific purpose.

If you want to play music from your iPhone through your soundbar and you also want to be able to charge your iPhone from a dock, plus you need to be able to play music wirelessly then this piece of kit does it all. OK, that sounds complex! Well to a degree it is. You see, all of these functions can be performed by other bits of kit. For example you can charge your iPhone through a USB cable into many sorts of AV kit, and you can use AirPlay or Bluetooth to play wirelessly - all of which are free.

So why choose this dock? Well we think it is most likely to be used if you really want to keep operation simple and not have different bits of kit for different tasks. As this dock does everything in one, all you have to worry about is putting your iPhone into the dock at the end of the day. Everything else is taken care of.

As such, it does do this job well. In fact, we think the sound quality from this dock is better than with Bluetooth or with AirPlay so it does add things to the mix. Chances are you are thinking of this with a YSP-2200. We would say you need to consider whether you might not just be better off getting a Bluetooth adaptor and forgo the docking facility, but if this meets everything you want then why not go for it.

Tech Spec


Model YID-W10
Colour Black

Inputs and Outputs

Apple connections iPhone & iPod via dock


Dimensions (W x H x D) 45.3 x 94 x 17.6 mm (Transmitter), 91 x 54 x 88 mm (Cradle)
Net weight 42g (Transmitter), 260g (Cradle)