Yamaha YBA-11

Yamaha YBA-11 Bluetooth streaming adaptor

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Unfortunately this product has now been discontinued, there aren't any immediate plans for a replacement but if anything change's we'll let you now right here.

"Many of Yamaha's products don't come with Bluetooth as standard. However, if your product has got a USB port and a digital co-axial input you can connect this little streaming device to enable you to stream Bluetooth directly into your Yamaha system."



The Yamaha YBA-11 is a neat little add on for your Yamaha product. Bluetooth isn't included as standard on many of Yamaha's AV products, but it can be incredibly useful to have it - say for example you want to use your iPhone to play music, or your friends bring round their favourite MP3's on their android phone. With Bluetooth you can instantly stream music straight into your AV device.

With this Bluetooth adaptor you can do it all. Plug into your AV product using the USB and digital co-axial cable (supplied with this adaptor) and that's it - you can connect and stream music straight away. The unit draws its power from the USB cable so no other cables are required.

In an ideal world we wished everything came with Bluetooth as standard (we love it!) but it is certainly useful to have it as an optional add on.

Also known as: YBA11, YBA 11

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Model YBA-11


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