Yamaha HPH-PRO400

Yamaha HPH-PRO400 on-ear headphones

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"Yamaha's rather pleasing PRO series consists of three models for all budgets. This is the middle of the lot - neither the cheapest

nor the best, but incredibly capable. Style wise it's not everyone's cup of tea but if you like the looks of it you'll be onto a winner."

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The Yamaha HPH-PRO400 are the middle of the current Yamaha PRO range, with the PRO300 and the PRO500 either side of them. They seem well balanced in the range, saving a bit of money over the top end PRO500's but equally giving a bit more than the PRO300 in terms of sound.

The phones themselves are comfortable to wear. The cups fit over the ear nicely and the headband works well although those with a bald head (such as this reviewer!) did find that they did get uncomfrotable after a while. Nonetheless they suited for most day to day needs so unless you are planning an epic headphone session you should find them comfortable enough.

Sound is produced pretty failthfully - in particular there's a nice control over bass levels that gives some great results. It doesn't drop as low as some headphones but in return delivers taughtness and a lack of distortion. On the upper end of the scale it performs well above average and indeed gave us incredible clarity on certain tracks. Stick on a hard dance track and it's hard to keep the infectious smile off your face as you get abosrbed into the music.

Swith to calls (yes. it handles calls) and you'll get what you expect - a call! Sound quality is fine and the microphone is adept at picking up your own voice. Interestingly there's an alternative cable included without the phone remote which is intended to be used if you don't want to use the call features. There's a slight improvement on sound as a result (any tech controls will always slightly degrade overall sound).

We think this all makes these a rather pleasing all round headphone that are well suited to lovers of detail and clarity. The bass is great - but if you want heart thumping gut wrenching bass levels with a danger of distorion ever present - look elsewhere. 

Also known as: HPHPRO400, HPH PRO400, HPH PRO 400, HPHPRO-400

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