Yamaha A-S701 stereo amplifier

Yamaha A-S701 stereo amplifier with DAC

"This stereo amplifier combines great sound, high power and full digital support in a rather pleasing box. The built in DAC is incredibly handy and allows us to get more out of digital sources such as CD players or even music streaming devices. Good all rounder."
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We like the Yamaha A-S701. On the surface it looks much like any stereo amplifier, and priced at mid range which means you'll be looking for something giving a bit extra than a budget ampifier. 

Judging from the sound alone you'll be pleased but not necessarily over awed. Although this amplifier benefits from Yamahas usual touch of class to the audio quality, there's definitely stiff competition out there and this may not offer the most strident or detailed sound on the market. However, it has punch and it also has an overall feel of quality in line with expectations. Push it hard on rock or pop and it excels, especially with that 100W per channel power behind it. Softer music still sounds good but doesn't benefit from the subtleties that we might find within Rotel - but it's still good.

However, it's the features we think will nail it for you. The digital support here is great - use the digital inputs from a £200 CD player and you'll get a massive boost to overall sound quality thanks to the built in DACs. Push it further with a music streaming device such as Sonos and you'll get a considerable increase in overall sound quality that far suprasses using just the analog inputs. We like!

There's also an option to add a Bluetooth adaptor via the YBA-11 and that's when things really get fun. Suddenly your music opens up and you are no longer restricted to CD's as your medium for music. Sure, you'll need to rip your CD's at the highest quality to benefit the most from this feature, but benefit you will and without the need for a separate CD player.

And this is where the A-S701 shows us it is a class act. For the money a stand alone CD and amp at the same price won't touch this for sound quality, and even if you do add a CD player you can get away with a relatively budget player and just use the amps DAC instead.

So our opinion? If you just want a classic amp without digital support then there might be better out there (it's worth looking), but if you want to move into the digital realm we think you'll be hard pushed to get better value for money than from this bit of kit. 

Also known as: AS701, AS-701, A S701, AS 701

Tech Spec


Model A-S701


Amplifier type Integrated
Number of channels 2
Power rating at 8 ohms
Power per channel 100W
Tone Controls Balance, Bass, Treble, Direct (pure sound)

Inputs and Outputs

Analog connections 8 in, 2 out
Optical connections 1 in
Digital Co-axial connections 1 in
Phono connections Yes
Tape loop Yes
Subwoofer pre-outs 1


Remote Control Remote control included


Dimensions (W x H x D) 435 x 151 x 387 mm
Net weight 11.2 kg