Tannoy Mercury V4i

Tannoy Mercury V4i floorstanding speakers

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"These floor standers are part of the Tannoy Mercury range. The range includes stand mount speakers, a centre and rear speakers

but these speakers are still outstanding stereo speakers in their own right. Whether you use them for stereo or cinema they sound great."

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Tannoy have worked hard over the years to bring us great sounding music, and as with most speaker manufactuers they now equally embrace home cinema too. With that in mind, their entry level range of speakers includes all the speakers you'll need to build your own home cinema system. However, they are still primarily aimed at the stereo music market.

The Mercury V4i are the floorstanders of the range. Big and bold, they are adept at filling a room with ease. There's plenty of punch here and you'll be rocking along to these speakers when they are pushed by a decent quality amplifier. Pull things back a little and go for some smooth jazz or classical and there's some beautiful mid tones here. Vocals are particulary well articulated and we loved redisovering some of our oldest albums with these speakers.

It's a bit of a rough and ready speaker so although they rock, there is a tendency to lose some of the finesse that other speakers may convey. There's a lack of overall cohesion between the mid range and bass which is a tendency on most floorstanders - it's reduced significantly if you position the speakers well however.

Overall we think for the price you'll be hard pushed to find something better - every speaker has it's little flaws. However, a small jump up in money will give you the Q Acoustic 2050i floorstanding speakers which are well worth considering as an alternative. If you want to keep the budget down though, these speakers are more than worth the money.

Tech Spec


Model Mercury V4i
Range Mercury Vi


Speaker Configuration Pair of speakers
Speaker Type Floorstanding
Speaker power handling 10-140W
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 91dB
Crossover frequency 2.6kHz
Frequency response 32Hz - 53kHz
Speaker shielding Yes


Dimensions (W x H x D) 204 x 995 x 281 mm
Net weight 14.7 kg