Sonos Play:5

The all new Sonos PLAY:5 wireless speaker

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"The all new Sonos PLAY:5 replaces...the Sonos PLAY:5. OK, that's slightly confusing...but it's also very clear from these pictures that it is remarkably different to the older Sonos PLAY:5."

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Replacing the old PLAY:5 in 2015 the all new Sonos PLAY:5 has had a radical overhaul. We like the new design which mirrors the PLAY:3 by providing an ergonomic box that can be placed on its side as well as flat. This allows it to be put in some neat spaces, and also looks very effective if paired together to form a stereo pair.

If you are familiar with Sonos you'll know what you are getting here, but if you are new to Sonos then this speaker represents a huge shift forward in how we listen to music. On its own, it links wirelessly into your router which enables it to communicate with a huge variety of music storage devices on your home network such as your computer or your smart phone. It can also go online to access services such as Spotify, Deezer and internet radio.

Control is incredibly easy thanks to interactive apps that can be downloaded onto phones, tablet computers and desktop computers. You can easily play music, or spend a bit of time to set up playlists for different moods or people. The control aspect is really the key here - and it's even more impressive when you add more speakers.

There's lots of different speakers and devices in the Sonos range such as the PLAYBAR and the CONNECT:AMP, each of which works in a different way to provide the same end result - controllable music. Each speaker you add can be controlled completely independently too, so you can listen to classical in the kitchen, Radio 2 in the bedroom and the TV in the living room. Or group them all together for a party!

We'd recommend speaking to one of our experts to find out more about Sonos. As well as selling it we own it so we can help you build the perfect system for you.

Also known as: PLAY5, PLAY 5, new PLAY 5

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