Sonos CONNECT add to any sound system to make it Sonos

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"Using Sonos, or thinking of? This unit has audio outs to plug into any sound system with audio inputs. Plug it in and you'll be able to use Sonos through your existing sound system. Perfect if you already have a stereo or cinema system, or use it with a power amp for big speakers."

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Whether you've already got Sonos or are thinking of getting it, you might like to add a Sonos CONNECT. Why? Well it lets you use Sonos on any existing sound system you've already got. Say for example you want to add Sonos in your bedroom and the kitchen but you've already got a stereo system in your living room. Well you could just add a PLAY:5, but why not use the existing stereo system instead? Just plug the Sonos CONNECT into the auxhillary input on your sound system and connect it to Sonos.

You'll be able to stream music from around your home and across the internet straight through your existing sound system - very simply. Contol it via your phone or from a PC and sit back.

We've also used these units for another purpose. Imagine that you are setting up a Sonos system but you want to drive a big, powerful set of speakers in one room from your Sonos system...but you don't have an amplifier. The CONNECT:AMP is good, but won't drive very large speakers. So - use this unit instead and purchase a separate power amplifier (the Rotel one works quite well for this!) and you'll be able to enjoy massive sounds with Sonos.

Also known as: Sonos ZP90

Tech Spec



Amplifier section

Amplifier type Pre amplifier
Number of channels 2
Multiroom Multiroom possible (other units required)


Speaker Configuration Speakers not included