Sonos BRIDGE wireless bridge for the Sonos network

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"The BRIDGE has now been discontinued and effectively replaced by the Sonos BOOST. It's not an essential piece of kit but can help improve your network connection on a Sonos system, giving more stability and will also take traffic off your existing wireless network."


The Sonos BRIDGE is by no means essential, but the majority of people will want one for their Sonos systems. To understand why, it's worth knowing a little bit about how Sonos works first.

Sonos streams music around your home wirelessly from a variety of places such as the internet or your own computer. To do this, it sets up its own wireless network that's completely independent from your own wireless network. It does this by a method known as a wireless cloud, where every unit in the system both receives and sends to every other unit in the system.

Because the wireless cloud is completey separate from your own wireless network, at least one Sonos unit must be connected by an ethernet cable to your own router. That unit then acts as a bridge between your own router and the Sonos wireless cloud, allowing all the Sonos units to connect to your router (and thus the internet and your own computer) via this bridge. Without a bridge your Sonos system won't be able to get online or access your computer.

You can probably now guess what the Sonos BRIDGE is for! Plug this unit into your router with the supplied ethernet cable and you have your bridge. No other units need to be hard wired into your network. However, it's worth noting that ANY Sonos unit could act as a bridge - if it was hard wired into your router. So, if your router is by one of your Sonos units then you can just plug that unit into the router and it will act as a bridge - saving yourself the cost of this unit. However, most routers are tucked away and unlikely to be near any Sonos unit so you'll probably want the BRIDGE. 

There's one more thing the BRIDGE can do. If you have a particulary large home or you have very thick walls and you are struggling to get some of the outlying Sonos units to connect to your Sonos network then the BRIDGE can be used to boost the signal. Place it at a point between a unit that is struggling to connect and one that isn't and the BRIDGE will boost the wireless cloud and you should find everything can now connect.

If you are still not sure whether you'll need a BRIDGE then don't worry - our experts are here to help so get in touch and we'll help you set up the perfect Sonos system for you.


Sonos released an upgraded version of the BRIDGE called the BOOST in October 2014. The BOOST uses a much stronger transmitter to create a stronger wireless network. This is ideal if you have units that are very far apart, if you have thick walls, if you have existing wireless network issues or if you already have Sonos and you are experiencing network problems and are considering a BRIDGE to resolve them.

It's however about twice the price of the BRIDGE and most home systems will work absolutely fine with the BRIDGE. The BOOST is really for those times when nothing else will work and you need an extra....boost!

Unless you have a strong reason to think you'll need a boost then we'd recommend sticking with the BRIDGE and saving yourself money. If you aren't sure and want advice then as always we are on hand to help.

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