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Samsung TV ranges

Samsung are currently the world leader in televisions with over 25% of televisions sold worldwide being a Samsung set. To put that in context, all the sales of Sony and LG added together come to about the same as Samsung sales - it's a huge proportion!

The reason for this has been largely due to the huge number of ranges that Samsung offer, with a range to suit every style. Because of the sheer number of ranges, Samsung group their ranges into series, with each series sharing similar attributes. Some series contain only one or two ranges whilst others contain several.

We've listed all the current Samsung series below, starting with the 5 series (Full HD), the 7 series (Entry Level 4K / Mid Range sets) and the top 8 series 4K sets. Then we have the even more impressive QLED sets starting with the Q6 through to the flagship Q9. 

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