Samsung QLED televisions

Think about all of those devices connected to your TV. There’s the Blu-Ray Player, the set-top box, the games console... don’t forget the soundbar or surround sound system. Throw in a few disc boxes, the odd remote control or a couple of game-pads and all of a sudden, the unit that your TV sits on is an unsightly mass of connection leads and clutter.  

Now, if only there was a solution that removed all of that and turned your living space into the minimalist, cable-free haven you always wanted it to be...

Gone is the unsightly mass of multimedia devices and wires, replaced by a single TV power lead and a 5 metre Near-Invisible Optical Cable that is connected to your TV’s One Connect Box. Samsung’s One Connect Box houses all of the connections to your multimedia devices. Using the 5 metre Near-Invisble Connection, you can place all of these devices with their unsightly cables well away from your QLED TV and, more importantly, well out of your line of sight. 

So, what makes the perfect TV? Outstanding picture quality combined with stylish design and a simple easy-to-use Smart platform. Enter QLED.

Ambient Mode

Blend your TV into your wall with Ambient Mode - and not just plain walls! By taking a photo of your wallpaper via the SmartThings app, Ambient Mode helps you remove the big black screen. You can also display art and your own photographs in a selection of beautiful layouts.

You've got the power

Unlike the 2017 QLEDs, all of your TV’s power is now delivered through a single One Near-Invisible Cable as well as the data from your players and consoles, allowing you the freedom to place your TV anywhere in the room. No need to have sockets installed behind the screen, just a single near invisible cable comes from your TV in either 5 metres or an optional 15 metres, connecting to the One Connect Box into which you can plug all your players and consoles. Nice and neat, hidden out of view, pop them in a cupboard if you like because the Samsung One remote will connect to all of your players and consoles, any brand, through closed cabinet doors. Basically this means that you can have your TV upto 15 metres away from the nearest power socket with no visible cables or clutter at all.

Optimized Picture Quality for Immersive Gaming

Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs have evolved to merit the title of the ‘monster’ of the gaming industry. They offer gamers a low input lag of no more than 15ms (faster than conventional TVs which have a 20-30ms lag on average), a rich viewing experience achieved by 100% color volume and High Dynamic Range (HDR) 2000, and Radeon FreeSync™ for the seamless playing of even the most demanding games.

QLED TV’s Auto Game Mode also changes features including response speed for game optimization. When users start a game on a console such as Xbox, the TV automatically recognizes the game and sets the correct game-related settings. For more info click here.

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