About Samsung Televisions

Samsung are currently the world leader in televisions with over 25% of televisions sold worldwide being a Samsung set. To put that in context, all the sales of Sony and LG added together come to about the same as Samsung sales - it's a huge proportion!

The reason for this has been largely due to the huge range that Samsung offers coupled with the latest technology, giving the most choice to customers whilst giving great value for money.

Whether you are looking for a budget TV with great picture and build quality or the latest technology on a massive screen, Samsung has a set that should be just right for you.

With such a huge range of sets available it can be tricky to find the right set for you so we've started you off by selecting some of your favourite types of television below. You can of course browse all the TV's available too - we'll give you some hints and tips on how to narrow down your search once you've selected the category you want to browse.

We've also included all of the Samsung ranges for you too so if you know the range you want to browse you can go straight there.

Of course, if you can't see what you want here then why not get in touch with one of our experts who can help you find the right televiison for you?