Samsung QLED televisions

Think about all of those devices connected to your TV. There’s the Blu-Ray Player, the set-top box, the games console... don’t forget the soundbar or surround sound system. Throw in a few disc boxes, the odd remote control or a couple of game-pads and all of a sudden, the unit that your TV sits on is an unsightly mass of connection leads and clutter.  

Now, if only there was a solution that removed all of that and turned your living space into the minimalist, cable-free haven you always wanted it to be...

Gone is the unsightly mass of multimedia devices and wires, replaced by a single TV power lead and a 5 metre Near-Invisible Optical Cable that is connected to your TV’s One Connect Box. Samsung’s One Connect Box houses all of the connections to your multimedia devices. Using the 5 metre Near-Invisble Connection, you can place all of these devices with their unsightly cables well away from your QLED TV and, more importantly, well out of your line of sight. 

So, what makes the perfect TV? Outstanding picture quality combined with stylish design and a simple easy-to-use Smart platform. Enter QLED.