Samsung WMN250M

Samsung WMN250M wall bracket for 32"-65" televisions

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"We've decided not to stock this bracket anymore as it doesn't sell very well and customer satisfaction is very poor on it. You can get much better brackets for far less money!"


Perhaps we are harsh, but we just don't see the point of the Samsung WMN250M wall bracket. OK, if you are a fan of all things Samsung and don't mind paying a little extra for a Samsung bracket to go with your television then yes, go for it. But in our eyes we don't see the point in paying a lot more for a stylish bracket when you can spend half the price on a basic bracket that does the same job.

There are some occasions when this bracket might be worth going for however. Samsung usually run an annual offer on certain televisions allowing you to get cashback on Samsung accessories - in which case you'll get this bracket for effectively nothing. When it's free, it's worth it! Or - you might just really like the look of it and for the sake of £20 (particularly when buying a high end television) just think it's worth it.

If you do decide this is the bracket for you then we won't deter you - but we just wanted to make sure you knew there were options!

It's suitable for 32" to 65" televisions, and of course it's a VESA compatible bracket meaning you can use it with any TV that's also VESA compatible (not just Samsung) which is pretty much every TV out there nowadays.

Tech Spec


Model WMN250M
Colour Black

TV Bracket

Allows TV to be tilted No
Allows TV to be swiveled No
Allows TV to be rolled No
Allows TV to be pulled out from wall No