Samsung WIS12ABGNX

Samsung WIS12ABGNX wireless LAN adaptor

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"This wireless adaptor has been discontinued by Samsung and is no longer available. However, there's a replacement model available! The WIS15ABGNX should provide the same functionality - check our listing below."


The Samsung WIS12ABGNX wireless LAN adaptor is the perfect addition to Samsung products that don't come with wireless as standard. Nowadays, most Samsung products come with wireless connectivity as standard, but in 2012 and before wireless connection was optional. 

If your Samsung product has only wired internect connect then it is possible this product is for you. Check our list below of compatible products or check your user manual to see if this dongle is right for you.

To use, simply plug into a spare USB port on your product. This dongle can be used in three ways - either side on, front on or (if you need to get better wireless reception) use the USB extension cable that is included to place your dongle in the best position possible.

The unit is powered from the USB port so no other cables are required, and set up is straightforward. Once connected you can access media across your own home network (such as photos, films or music) and you can also connect online to access online media such as YouTube. 

Compatible products

This list is not exhaustive and you should check your user manual for compatibility.

  • - BD Player: 2009 All Models / 2010 C5 Series / 2011 D53 - D55 / 2012 E5500, ES6300
  • - HES: 2009 All Models / 2010 C5 Series / 2011 D51 - D53 (D5000 - D55 / D7000 are only Supported in Europe) / 2012 E4200, 4500
  • - LCD TV: 2010 C550 & above / 2011 D530 & above
  • - LED TV: 2011 D5000 - D64** / 2012 EH4500, EH5300, EH5400, ES5500, ES5700
  • - Plasma TV: 2010 C550 and above (C540 is only supported in North America) / 2011 D550 ~ D64** / 2012 E490, 550 (Korea, Europe & CIS)

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