Samsung VG-SOCN15/XC 15M One Near-Invisible Cable (2018 / 2019 QLED TVs)

Samsung VG-SOCN15/XC 15M One Near-Invisible Cable (2018 / 2019 QLED TVs)

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"This 15m One-Connect Cable is for 2018 & 2019 QLED TVs. Unlike the 2017 models, 2018  / 19 QLEDs also have the mains power running through the One Connect cable, and with this extended 15m version it means you can have your TV upto 15m away from your plug socket with just this one barely visible cable coming from it connecting to your One Connect Box where all your set top box, Blu-Ray layer and consoles plug into. No mess, no visible cables, perfect!"



The secret behind the cable

Manage everything—including the power cable—with just a single, near-invisible cable. The ultra-high performing One Invisible Connection ensures uninterrupted entertainment, with fast images, videos, audio and IR signals.

Make space for your interior

Connect your devices to the One Connect Box with the long 15m One Invisible Connection and place them out of view. You can rediscover lost space, and reimagine your living room.

Blend into home

Say goodbye to messy tangled wires. Hide all your device connections with the One Invisible Connection, and your space will never be the same.

Tech Spec


Model VG-SOCN15


Cable Length 15m