Samsung VG-SOCM15 Near Invisible Optical Cable - 15m (2017 QLED TVS)

Samsung VG-SOCM15 Near Invisible Optical Cable - 15m (2017 QLED TVS)

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"You can forget about messy cables on your wall mounted TV with this near invisible optical cable for QLED Samsung TVs. A fantastic additional design feature for the style conscious, and at 15m in length you can put your set top box and other accessories on a cabinet far away and position your TV anywhere you like!"



This is an absolute must have for the design conscious Samsung customer. An invisible cable that blends in with your wall if you've wall mounted your TV. At 15m in length it connects to the Samsung One Connect Box (the brain of your TV) where all your HDMI ports are, and into which you connect all your set top box, 4K Blu-ray player etc. So basically you can have all your bits and pieces positioned upto 15 metres away from your TV with hardly any cabling to see at all. You could even put them in another room if distance allows. Thanks to the innovative Invisible Connection, all your devices can be tucked out of sight, and even when they’re hidden away, Samsung's One Remote Control can control them easily. The QLED TV automatically detects what device is connected in each port, taking the guesswork out of switching from Blu-ray player to game console (yes it really works on games consoles too - this isn't just for Samsung products). 

Near Invisible Connection

The transparent design of this optical connection cable gives it an almost 'invisible' appearance which blends seamlessly into your home decor and enhances the stunning looks of your Samsung TV. At 15 metre length, you are free to position your TV anywhere in the room. With up to 75Gps transfer potential (over 9 times faster than a high speed HDMI) it delivers ultra high performance. It's the perfect lead for Certified Ultra HD Premium content.

Tech Spec


Model VG-SOCM15


Cable Length 15m