Samsung UE55F9000 55" 3D Smart television

Samsung UE55F9000 55" 3D Smart television

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"Enter the new world of Ultra HD with this television. Four times the resolution of Full HD, it's like looking at a photograph - except

everything is moving! We love this set - sure there isn't much content yet and the price is high, but this is the future of televisions."

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There's a few different Ultra HD (or 4K if you prefer!) screens around at the moment but the Samsung UE55F9000 has grabbed us. It's probably the picture that has really swung it, but with all the usual attention to detail and standards that Samsung apply to all their high end screens, we can't really find a fault with this set.

OK, there's one - a lack of Ultra HD content. As of now (the very early part of 2014) there's not much out there. If you want true Ultra HD content you'll have to download it online and you are unlikely to find much other than sample content and demonstrations of Ultra HD. However, what content is out there is impressive - very impressive. We've tried a few clips and it's stunning. The only way we can describe it is like watching a photo come to life - the level of detail completely outsrips even the most competent Full HD television and it's immersing. 

We can't wait until theres more content out there, and in the interim you'll still benefit over a Full HD televiison. For a start, many new Blu-ray players and AV receivers now have Ultra HD upscaling built in. This means that it will take any content (whether standard definition or high definition) and upscale it to get the very best out of your Ultra HD television. It doesn't quite fill in all the missing blanks, but the end result is a good step up from a Full HD television. 

If you don't have an upscaling player or you are just watching Freeview HD then the picture is still better than on a Full HD TV. This set has its own built in upscaler and it is still pretty good - stick on something as low quality as your average soap opera and there's a significant improvement over other televisions. Don't expect a picture card picture on this sort of content, but know you'll be getting a picture that outstrips the average television user.

So is Ultra HD worth it considering all this? Well yes - if your budget stretches this far. You are paying a lot more to effectively be future proof, but then argueably you want this TV to last for years and years - and this TV will do that. When Ultra HD content really starts flowing out you'll get the full benefits whilst your friends and family will still be stuck on older technology.

Our advice - embrace the future but only if that price tag doesn't scare you.

A few extra things to tell you about - the Samsung Smart Hub is included as standard on this TV and will learn your viewing habits making your TV easier to use as time goes on. It's also Smart (of course) and 3D, and comes with two pairs of glasses to get you started. There's an optional keyboard too so if you want to use the TV to surf the web (and with this high a resolution that will be fun) then it makes life a lot easier. There's even recording facilities too!

There's a lot more to tell you but we don't want to fill up your screen with pages and pages of info, so why not call one of our experts on 0845 5577 335 and we'll be able to help you on any specific questions, or just give you a run through of some of the more exciting features.

Samsung One Connect box

This television comes with the Samsung One Connect box. This small box connects to your TV with a single cable, and then everything else connects to the box. Whether it's an HDMI cable, an optical cable, aerial cable or a USB stick, simply connect it to the One Connect box, and tuck your One Connect box out of sight somewhere safe.

This is great for three reasons. First, if you want to wall mount your TV you only need to run the One Connect cable to your TV - no other cables are required. Anything else can be added or removed later from the One Connect box. Secondly, no more fiddling round the back of the TV. Just use the box! And finally, this is the key to the huge flexibility with the UHD sets. Samsung bring out a new box each year with the latest connections and firmware, so your TV will never be out of date. Fantastic!

Tech Spec


Model UE55F9000
Warranty 1 year


Screen type LED
Screen resolution 3840 x 2160
Screen size 55 inches
Is it 4K? Yes, 4K
Curved screen or soundbar No
Is it 3D? Yes
3D type Active 3D
Converts 2D picture to 3D Yes
Television tuner Twin Freeview HD, Twin Freesat HD
Video formats 3GP, AVI, DivX, FLV, JPEG, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPO, WMV


Speaker Configuration Integrated stereo speakers and two subwoofers
Number of channels 2
Power per channel 15W
Total power rating 70W
Audio formats AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA

Inputs and Outputs

HDMI connections 4 in
SCART connections 1 in
Composite connections 1 in
Component connections 1 in
Optical connections 1 out


Is it Smart? Yes
Web Browser Yes
Screen Mirroring No
Catch Up services BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, Demand 5
Pay video services Lovefilm, Netflix
Video calling No
Internet services DLNA (stream from your own computer), Facebook, Internet Radio, YouTube


Remote Control Remote control included, Apple app available, Android app available
3D Glasses supplied? 2 pairs
Stand included Yes
Wall bracket included No, optional bracket available
Camera included Yes

Power Rating

Energy Rating B
Annual Power Consumption (kW/year) 229


Dimensions with stand (W x H x D) 1245.6 x 764.2 x 220 mm
Dimensions without stand (W x H x D) 1245.6 x 717.8 x 38.6 mm
Weight with stand 25 kg
Weight without stand 22.2 kg
Boxed dimensions (W x H x D) 1462 x 820 x 185 mm