Samsung SSG-P51002 3D glasses (twin pack)

Samsung SSG-P51002 active 3D glasses (twin pack)

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"This item is now discontinued and out of stock. These have been directly replaced by the Samsung SSG-5150 3D glasses."

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The SSG-P51002 glasses were first launched in 2013, but Samsung have confirmed that this model is continuing for 2014. Please note that there will not be an updated model in 2014.

This pack contains two pairs of the Samsung SSG-5100 active 3D glasses. These are the glasses that are included free of charge in many of the Samsung 3D televisions, but if you need more then you can buy as many as you like to give everyone in the family (or your friends!) access to films in 3D.

The glasses are battery powered and use small watch style batteries. You'll get about 150 hours out of them before they need replacing and batteries are indeed included to get you started.

If you think you might use your glasses a lot, we'd recommend taking a look at the rechargeable glasses instead. They are a lot more expensive, but charge in minutes via USB and of course last a lot longer.

Remember, these glasses are for Samsung 3D televisions so if you own a differenet brand set then these glasses won't work with it!

Also known as: SSG51002, SSGP51002, SSG-51002

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Model SSG-P51002


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