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Samsung SEK-3500U Evolution Kit for 4K TVs

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"Unfortunately this item is sold out and discontinued. Samsung did not bring out a replacement for this item, therefore there is no longer an update solution for Samsung F and H series TVs."



The Samsung SEK-3500 is the latest in a long line of upgrade kits for your Samsung UHD television.

The upgrade kit will work with at least 2 prior Samsung models and will give you the latest features and specifications. This will include updating you to the latest Tizen operating system and improving both the processing power and picture quality of your set. 

The Netflix and Amazon apps on the Smart side of this box can both do 4K (user will need relevant 4K subscription to Netflix / Amazon) and the box supports HEVC H.265 which means that you can stream 4K through these apps with a broadband speed of 20mbs.

Please note that Samsung rework this unit for the UK to include things such as a UK power plug, Freeview HD (which is only available in the UK) and the facility to use UK specific apps such as BBC iPlayer. They also ensure it will work with UK specification televisions. As an authorised Samsung dealer we will only sell you UK specified kits designed to work with UK specified televisions.

This kit may be available in other regions in Europe or the world but will not be UK compatible. This means they may offer limited functionality or may not work at all and will not be supported by Samsung. 




Which TV's are compatible with this kit?

This kit is compatible with all UK models from 2013 onwards (F series or H series) that are 4K and have a model number equal to or higher than 7000. 

This includes the F9000 series (2013 F series 4K set, 9000 model number), the HU8500 (2014 H series 4K set, 8500 model number) and the HU7500 (2014 H series 4K set, 7500 model number).

Will it make my TV HDR?

This is something that we get asked a lot. The box will definitely improve your picture, there is no doubt about that. And the colours will be more accurate. Your black levels and brightness levels will even  improve when you put a HDR picture through it, giving you the best picture your TV is capable of.

But, It won’t unfortunately give you what we call a Full HDR picture. A Full HDR picture would be a picture that meets the minimum standards of the UHD Premium certification set out by the UHD alliance. One of these criteria is that the TV is able to reach a 1000 nits in brightness and another is that it has to be able to deliver 10 bit colour.

Unfortunately the panel on your TV is not capable of producing 1000 nits of brightness and it is an 8 bit panel so although you will see a massive difference in picture it won’t deliver the same HDR picture as some of the top TV’s on the market today.   

Do the HDMI ports support 4K HDR?

All 4 HDMI ports are HDMI 2.0a (HDMI 2.0 is need for the TV to play a 4K picture up to 60fps) HDMI 2.0a does the 4K side of things and also can read the extra metadata sent up by the 4K HDR product.

All 4 HDMI ports also support HDCP 2.2 which stands for High Definition Copyright Protection. Your TV needs this to be recognised as a 4K TV otherwise the picture will just be sent through in HD. 

Is it worth it?

This would have to be a resounding yes? Your TV is still a great TV and it is really just lacking on the 4K connection front. With this box it brings your TV right up to date and you can enjoy all the 4K content you want on it. After all that is why you got a 4K TV, right? 

Are you selling the UK version of this kit?

Yes. We are authorised UK dealers and will only sell UK kit to our customers. The UK kit has the suffix /XC at the end and we are happy to confirm that you will receive the /XC version and not a non-UK version.

Have these kits been adapted for the UK?

Yes - these are brand new UK kits which means Samsung have adapted them in their factory in Korea to work specifically in the UK. This means they will include UK adaptions such as twin Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners plus access to services that are UK specific such as BBC iPlayer. 

Can I use a non-UK version of this kit?

We strongly recommend against using a non-UK version of this kit. The UK version has been built specifically to work with UK televisions and includes UK features such as Freeview HD and BBC iPlayer. Moreover, there may be several firmware differences on the non-UK kit that may mean it won't work correctly with UK televisions, or may even cause a UK television to break down.

Samsung will NOT support a non-UK kit used on a UK television, and by using a non-UK kit you will invalidate the warranty so if you choose to use a non-UK version it is at your own risk.

Can I use this kit to replace a lost or broken One Connect box?

No. An essential part of the installation process is to use your existing One Connect box to update your TV's software to the latest version, and to download your personalised settings. If you attempt to connect this kit without using your One Connect box then the TV will fail to recognise the kit and your upgrade will not work.

If you have lost your kit or its broken then you will need to contact your seller to request a new One Connect box - sadly this is something we do not stock and cannot supply for you.

Has the kit been released in the UK?

Yes. We received our first units on the 17th October 2015 and have already sent these kits out to customers who have used them successfully with their televisions. We continue to receive stock on a regular basis and have hundreds of satisfied UK customers.

Are you the best dealers to buy this kit from?

We'd never be so arrogant as to think we are the only dealer you could buy this from! However, we do like to think we will provide you with the easiest options and the assurance that we are authorised UK dealers and we will only supply you with UK stock.

We work very hard to ensure that our customers are always happy and are more than happy to advise you on the benefits of this kit. We even give you options to return the kit if you are not 100% happy with it.

If you do choose to use another dealer, we'd recommend ensuring that their credentials appear on Samsung's website to ensure that they are providing UK kit.


Also known as SEK3500, SEK 3500, SEK-3500/XC

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