Black Friday Price Promise

Black Friday is on Friday 23rd November and you might be worried about purchasing today in case there's a great deal on Black Friday. 

We want to make sure you don't have to wait until Black Friday, so if you buy a product or deal from our website today and the price on that product or deal is cheaper on Black Friday we'll refund you the difference. As usual you can also contact us to challenge our prices, we will check the whole market to make sure we are the cheapest authorised dealer and even if we are, you might still be able to get some extra discount just for getting in touch!

With a promise like that you won't have to wait to get the best prices and deals in the UK!

How do I get my refund?

Check the price of your product or deal on our website on Black Friday. If the price on our website is less than the price you paid, just click below to make your claim!


All claims must be received by no later than Saturday 24th November 2018

That's it! We'll process your refund within a week and we'll email you to let you know it's all been done. 

Can I call you to get my refund?

We usually love hearing from you...but we also know that Black Friday will be a very busy day. We won't be able to process your call on the day nor give you a decision - all we'll be able to do is take your details and place a claim for you. It will really help us out if you use the button above to make your claim instead.

However, if you'd prefer to call us then please be patient and we'll take your details as soon as we can.

Can I take advantage of a refund even if I bought my goods months ago?

No. This offer is only for customers purchasing goods in November leading up to Black Friday - that's Thursday 1st November until Thursday 22nd November. If your purchase isn't between these dates you won't qualify.

The goods are slightly different - will you still refund me?

No. The goods must be exactly the same as what you purchased. This includes not only the model number but also the condition and/or any items given to you for free at the time of your purchase.

For example, if you purchased a brand new amplifier today and we then sell an ex demonstration amplifier for less on Black Friday, you would not qualify as the condition of the goods is different.

Another example would be if we've given you a free 5 year warranty with a TV and then the same TV is selling with a 1 year warranty for less on Black Friday. You would not qualify as you got a free 5 year warranty with yours.

It's unlikely any of these scenarios will happen (we certainly aren't planning to change anything) but we just want to be sure that the goods are the same.

What if I got a package deal? Will you give me a refund if the price is better on one of the products in that deal?

We'll only refund you if the overall deal is cheaper on Black Friday. If the overall deal would cost you more then we wouldn't refund you on individual items within that deal as the deal you got is already better than our Black Friday price.