Ruark R4i (iPhone not included)

Ruark R4i integrated music system (Refurbished)

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"On rare occasions a customer may return their unit to Ruark - sometimes there's nothing wrong (maybe they want a different colour) and sometimes there might be a small problem.

When this happens, Ruark check the unit thoroughly and ensure any problems are fixed. The unit is as good as new, but can no longer be sold as new. Ruark then pass them to us to resell at considerable discount over a brand new unit - hence they are 'refurbished'. You still get the same excellent product with the same manufacturers warranty but at a great discount.

Of course, you can always opt to get a brand new unit instead but bear in mind you'll be paying £120 more. The choice is yours, and we give you both choices!"
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Ruark have never been shy at producing the finest radios around. The Ruark R4i is at the top end of their range and has been designed to give you an all in one system. As well as the obligatory radio (of which you have a choice of FM, DAB or DAB+) there's also a CD player and a iPod dock. There's even a couple of spare analog inputs on the rear if you want to play anything else through it. The CD player can play back MP3 and WMA files too, and there's even a USB port on the front to let you play USB memory sticks - not something that will be used much if at all, but handy to have just in case.

The unit itself has two speakers and a subwoofer built in to give you a large full sound. That subwoofer has its own independant volume control so you can fine tune the system to your own ears. There's a quality ampliier in there too, so whether you want to listen to a CD, the radio, or shuffle your favourite playlist, everything sound rather grand. In fact, we highly rate the sound on this system - it's comparable if not better than many of the micro system or indeed separate systems on the market.

Ruark describe it as an integrated music system as opposed to a radio and we'd have to agree. This is much much more than a radio, even if classically Ruark are known for their radios.

So what else is worth knowing? Well there's no wireless facilities here which is unusual. In fact, we suspect this is an arena that Ruark don't want to move into, and their own site suggests purchasing a Bluetooth streamer and plugging it in via the audio inputs on the rear. Their option is the QED uPlay puck, but you could use any similar device. 

Also, if you have a new iPhone 5 or indeed any Apple product with the new style Lightning mains supply, it is worth considering adding the Ruark Lightning Adaptor Support, or LAS for short. It's not an actual adaptor (you'll need to get one from Apple for that) but it does provide some much needed support to keep your iPhone secured on top of this unit.

Is there anything bad about this unit? Not much. If we are being picky, then the remote control (which is that rather interesting looking black disc docked into the top of the unit) is a little fiddly on occasion - but it does look and feel pretty great. It's also not the best at very high volumes - we found it started to get a little muddy at the top end of its reach, but we also doubt many people would want to run a unit like this that hard.

Overall we rate it highly, as does the independent press. It picks up regular awards and is always high on the list when our customers come to speak to us about all in one stereo systems.

Tech Spec


Model R4i

Amplifier section

Amplifier type Integrated
Number of channels 2
Total power rating 80W


Speaker Configuration Integrated stereo speakers and subwoofer

Disc playback

Disc playback CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Audio formats MP3, WMA

Tuner Section

Tuner FM, DAB, DAB+
Tuner features RDS

Inputs and Outputs

Analog connections 2 in
USB connections 1, To playback from USB sticks, To playback from USB hard drives
Bluetooth No
Headphone output Yes, 3.5 mm


Is it networkable? No


Remote Control Remote control included


Dimensions (W x H x D) 450 x 145 x 255 mm
Net weight 8 kg