Ruark R4 Mk3

Ruark R4 Mk3 IMS music system

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"This is the third iteration of the fantastic R4 music system. The Mk3 replaces the R4i and there's a few important changes here. Gone is the iPod dock and instead there's Bluetooth built in so you can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth device. You can still charge an iPod or iPhone via the rear USB port."
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We've long been big fans of the R4 music system - it's been going now for 7 years and updates to the unit always take thigns a little further - small tweaks to improve audio and to introduce new features.

The Mk3 takes things wireless with the addition of Bluetooth. This allows a whole host of wireless devices to connect including android smart phones. For that reason, there's a slight difference in that the Mk3 no longer has an iPod/iPhone dock. We think this is absolutely fine - the dock was always subject to changes in the iPhone charger (such as the lightening adaptor) and was a little bit of a pain as a result, and you can always use a USB cable to charge your phone in the rear port of the R4 Mk3 which will do the same thing.

There's a few other addtions too, including an overall retune to get even beter sound out of the unit plus a redesign on the RotoDial controller and a new OLED display, all of which bring things even closer to perfection.

On top of this there's a high quality CD player built in, a USB port and a DAB, DAB+ and FM tuner too. There's even an euxhillary input too with a 3.5mm jack in, plus a headphone out . Oh - and of course the unit has got two speakers and a subwoofer built in so you don't need anything else other than a comfy seat and a bit of spare time to enjoy your music!

Tech Spec


Model R4 Mk3 IMS

Amplifier section

Amplifier type Integrated
Number of channels 2


Speaker Configuration Integrated stereo speakers and subwoofer

Disc playback

Disc playback CD