Ruark R1 BackPack (R1 radio not included)

Ruark BackPack 2 rechargeable battery pack

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"This handy rechargeable battery pack will fit your Ruark R1 or your Ruark MR1 and will turn it into a portable music system. Use your

existing units power unit to charge this battery for hours of use. It integrates perfectly onto the back and looks smart too."



The Ruark BackPack 2 is a typically quirky piece of design by Ruark. Rather than have a battery compartment inside the unit, why not stick it outside? It isn't as odd an idea as it may first seem and there's a very good reason for doing it. Internal battery compartments take up space and actually change the acoustics of units with speakers in them - such as the R1 or the MR1, both of which are compatible with this unit.

Indeed, having space inside a speaker gives it a huge boost to sound quality, so sticking a big battery compartment inside would ruin the overall sound quality. So what to do? Well stick it on the back! By making the design in line with the R1 and the MR1 they have pulled off a rather nice looking unit when the battery is attached to the rear.

It can be charged easily by the mains power lead for your unit, and once charged gives hours of wire free playback. Take it out into the garden, stick it in the bathroom or if you fancy some serious expiditions out why not get the CarryPack too?

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Model BackPack 2