Ruark Apple Lightning adaptor support

Ruark Apple Lightning adaptor support

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"The arrival of the iPhone 5 with its new lightning charger meant a lot of units suddenly required the Apple 30 pin to Lightning adaptor. Adding the adaptor can make the iPhone unstable on your dock. Ruark have come up with this support to keep things stable. Ruark's latest products no longer have an Apple connection and now use bluetooth instead, so this product has been discontinued however we have some left, if you have an older Ruark product then you might need this."


This is a very odd product...but handy at the same time. When Apple launched the new iPhone 5 it also launched a new connection method for charging and docking. Gone was the old 30 pin adaptor, and in came the Lightning adaptor. With a much smaller connection it instantly created the issue of compatibility for both old chargers and old docks.

Worry not said Apple, and came up with the Lightning to 30 pin adaptor. Stick it between the new iPhone and your old charger or dock and all is sorted. Well, to a degree. The one minus is that the adaptor is almost 2cm long, and docks (including Ruarks) tend to have the iPhone stuck on top. So if you can imagine, you've suddenly got the entire weight of the iPhone bearing down on a 2cm piece of plastic jointed at both ends by electrical connections. To say it looks unstable and messy would be an understatement.

Ruark saw this and came up with this - the Ruark Lightning Adaptor Support - or LAS for short. The LAS is actually nothing more than a well moulded plastic insert with a metal back support - it isn't actually an adaptor in its own right. What it does however is provide crucial support and stability for your iPhone adaptor when interfaced with your Ruark product.

So - it's a bit odd in so far that all you are buying here is some support for other kit, but really it is handy and surprisingly useful. 

Part of us wishes that they produced an adaptor as part of this, but essentially you'd end up with an expensive add on that you wouldn't really need. So thumbs up to Ruark for some simple innovation!

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