Rotel RA-10 in Black

Rotel RA-10 integrated amplifier

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"Available in Black or Silver, this Integrated Amplifier is the perfect companion to any new or existing Hi-Fi system and with a phono input included you can truly enjoy all your music collection!"
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The Rotel RA-10 is the entry level in Rotel's 12 Series and concentrates on performance over features. However, that's not to say that this low profile amplifier still doesn't have plenty to give. It's got A/B speaker switching to allow you to run two sets of speakers, 5 line level inputs plus a phono input for a record deck and the usual tone and balance controls. You won't however find the higher end DAC's that can be found elsewhere in the 12 Series range, nor will you find oodles of power - with 40W per channel it's enough to drive bookshelf speakers but you may struggle if you want to run something more beefy.

Wire it up to a set of decent speakers such as the B&W 600 Series bookshelves, the KEF Q Series or perhaps even the Wharedale 200 Series and you'll find bundles of detail and a great smooth sound that still packs clout at the top and low end. Audio reproduction is high for the price - compare it directly to the likes of Denon and Yamaha and this gives a far more rounded and refined sound, yet stays suitable for rock and pop too.

The only minuses are that there's no remote so control is all manual and those 40W per channel really aren't enough for the bigger speakers. However, if your need is for a high quality sounding amplifier without excessive trimmings then this could certainly be the right choice for you.

Also known as: RA 10, RA10

Tech Spec


Model RA-10


Amplifier type Integrated
Number of channels 2
Power rating at 8 ohms
Power per channel 40W
Total power rating 80W
Multiroom 1 other room - same source and volume (A/B speaker switching)
Tone Controls Balance, Bass, Treble
Biamp capability Yes, using A/B speaker outputs

Inputs and Outputs

Analog connections 5 in
Phono connections Yes
Tape loop Yes
Pre outs 2.0 pre outs
USB connections None


Dimensions (W x H x D) 430 x 72 x 342mm
Net weight 5.9 kg