QED Profile subwoofer cable

QED Profile subwoofer cable - 6m

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"QED produce some quality cables. Their Profile range offers a great way to get into good quality cables without having to spend a fortune. Hear the difference immediately over cheap budget cables - it's so clear that you'll bin those old cables straight away."

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Part of QED's entry level Profile range, the QED Profile subwoofer cable is perfect for budget to mid range systems. As a guide we'd normally choose this for home cinema systems where the majority of the kit is under £500 a unit. If your kit is more expensive than this it's worth upgrading to the Performance range instead (links below if you need them!).

Your subwoofer cables carries unamplified signals from an amplifier (usually an AV receiver but sometimes a stereo amplifier) to your subwoofer. Your amplifier will have a single subwoofer pre out plug if it supports this cable. Your subwoofer must also have an input, usually a single RCA but sometimes a red and white pair. Just plug this cable into the white socket if this is the case.

Once connected if you are using an AV receiver you'll need to run through the set up process to calibrate your subwoofer correctly, or if you don't have calibration on your amplifer use your subwoofers own controls to set everything up correctly.

This cable is available in a 3m length, a 6m length and a 10m length. This is the 6m length. Make sure you measure the distance between your amplfier and your subwoofer ensuring you include the distance from your amplifier to the floor. Choose a length that is at least half a metre longer than this distance to ensure you have plenty of play in your cable - there is nothing worse than finding out you are a little short!

As always our experts are on hand to help so please get in touch if you'd like any assistance in choosing the right cable for you.

Tech Spec


Model Profile subwoofer


Cable Length 6m