1m QED Profile Optical cable

QED Profile Optical cable (1 metre)

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"This incredibly popular optical cable balances off a reasonably cheap price with high build quality and performance. Yes, you can buy cheaper - but usually at a small sacrifice on quality.

QED give a lifetime guarantee on all their cables so this should be the last optical cable you'll ever need to buy!

Available in 1 metre, 2 metre, 3 metre or 5 metre lengths."



This optical cable is so well priced we think it's an easy choice to make if you need an optical cable. It's under £20 yet it gives a boost to sound quality over any budget or free cable. Build quality is so good that QED give a lifetime guarantee with it - if this cable falls apart they will simply replace it for you for free. That means this is pretty much a cable for life - how good is that! 

It's perfect for connecting any device with an optical digital output into any device with an optical digital input. This generally means it's used for TV's to connect to soundbars - one of the most common ways of connecting kit using this cable - but it can also be used to connect CD players to amps, Sky boxes to AV systems, anything really that has optical connections.

A word of caution - when you first open your cable you'll need to remove the protective plugs on the end or your cable won't work! Just take them off (they should slip off easily) and then insert into the terminal on the back of your system.

Tech Spec


Model Profile Optical


Cable Length 1m