QED Profile high speed with ethernet

QED Profile HDMI high speed with ethernet cable

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"This cable has now been discontinued and is replaced by the Profile eFlex cable."

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HDMI cables make a difference, and the quality of the cable you use will ultimately dictate what you see and hear. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your system is therefore to buy a decent HDMI cable. Now, this doesn't have to cost a fortune - there are cables out there at over £50 a metre - but to get truly great results you do need to spend a bit more than £2 or £3 a cable!

The QED Profile HDMI high speed with ethernet cable fills this gap nicely. This cable has been around for a few years now and remains one of our most popular cable choices. But why? Well, simply put, you can see why within moments of plugging it in. We are not physics experts so some of the features QED spout as being what makes it great are hard to understand, but we are confident when it comes to results!

This has been of course backed up by independent reviews. What Hi-Fi? magazine gave it their product of the year award back in 2010, stating that it was an almost essential component of any system. We'd agree - we think this cable is absolutely fantastic.

It's of course fully 3D compatible, and can carry ethernet too between compatible products. Picture quality is hugely uplifted when replacing free cables (such as the free HDMI that comes with a Sky box) and results are noticeable.

It also comes with QED's own lifetime guarantee.

Tech Spec


Model Profile HDMI


Cable Length No
Is it 3D? No