QED Micro speaker cable

QED Micro speaker cable per metre

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"This is our most popular speaker cable. A huge step up from bell wire and other cheap speaker cables, it's a high quality copper

multi stranded cable at a low price. Probably the cheapest quality speaker cable on the market - just add speakers!"



Speaker cables are important - vitally important - to the sound quality of your system. Using low quality cable results in your systems sound being strangled, so we can't emphasise enough how important a decent quality speaker cable is.

Of course, it can cost an absolute fortune for speaker cable, particularly at the top end. Beleive it or not there are cables costing over £1,000 a metre! This is serious overkill and strictly for the highest end systems - but for the majority of systems what should you buy without spending silly money and whilst ensuring you get the best quality possible?

Enter the QED Micro speaker cable. It's been around for years and is still one of the biggest selling cables on the market. Yes, you could spend more and get better, but you'd have to spend a LOT more. This cable is cheap yet gives you high end quality.

Partner it with a micro system, a stereo system or even a home cinema system and you'll get great results. It's sold by the metre and comes in a single run so just add how many metres you need into your basket (remembering to take into account any runs up and down walls and of course around corners).

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Model Micro


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