Q Acoustics 2070Si in Walnut

Q Acoustics 2070Si subwoofer

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"Budget subwoofers can sometimes be worrying. There's a tendency for control and refinement to be lost to out and out blast, the end

result being a messy noise. Not so with this classy active subwoofer. Power and control that works perfectly with music and film."

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The Q Acoustics 2070Si subwoofer is a rather neat budget subwoofer. We often get a little nervous when trying budget subwoofers - exceptional sounding subwoofers traditionally cost more like £500 because they need to combine quality of amps, drive units and of cabinet to produce a great sound. As a result most subwoofers at this price tend to do one thing only, and that's move a lot of air.

Not so with this powerful little beast. It's got a 150W amplifier inside yet it still maintains a good tonal quality. Crank it up and theres no distortion or flapping, and it keeps things nice and taut. Sure, if you are looking for an earth shaker you may want to look elsewhere, but this subwoofer gives clear refinement and quality to both music and movies. Al nice little subwoofer indeed!

Tech Spec


Model 2070Si


Subwoofer power 150W
Subwoofer frequency response 50-150 Hz
Subwoofer type Active
Subwoofer speaker type Forward firing


Subwoofer dimensions (W x H x D) 195 x 425 x 560 mm
Subwoofer net weight 14.6 kg