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Q Acoustics 2020i speakers

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"Winner of What Hi-Fi's prestigious Product of the Year Award 2013 in the Best stereo speakers up to £200 category. We agree - these

speakers match well with everything we've tried them on and have a very refined sound for the price tag. Great with small micro systems too."

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The Q Acoustic 2020i speakers were launched back in 2012 as an upgraded version of the 2020 speakers - and those 'i' modifications have taken it from good to exceptional. Q Acoustics have given us a brand new tweeter and also a new carbon fibre and ceramic coated paper on the mid range, along with a revised crossover to tie the new drive unit changes together. The end result is a big jump up in sound improvement - very impressive.

You'll be impressed from the start with these speakers. They are surprisingly big - standing just over 26 cm tall - so are capable of reaching some very low bass for a compact speaker. However, its the overall drive and energy these speakers have that will really get things going. You'll find your foot tapping along as they get stuck into your favourite tracks, whether it be classical, dance or pop.

Sound is delivered with quite a large degree of refinement for a sub £200 speaker, and you'll find details revealed that were previously hidden. Stereo imagery is also good, and despite having a rear port you'll find they work close to a wall - although an extra inch or two space will help wonders.

There's very little to find fault with - probably our biggest complaint is the big price hike if you decide you want to go for one of the two gloss finishes. Although understandable (the process to finish a speaker in gloss is far more expensive than a standard finish), the jump in price is quite high considering the base cost of the speakers meaning it takes it into a realm of speakers worth over £200. Sadly there does begin to be some competition at this level as the higher cost doesn't quite balance off against the overall sound quality. However, they do look exceptionally smart in the gloss finish so perhaps a worthy sacrifice?

This really is a minor niggle considering the rest of the package these speakers offer, and of course if you are opting for the Graphite or Walnut finish, not an issue at all.

Partner it with a decent separates system or even a good quality micro system for best results.

What Hifi 5 starsWhat Hifi 5 stars

What Hifi magazine reviewed these speakers in October 2011 and awarded them 5 stars.

"Make no mistake, the chunky-looking 2020is are good enough to stand toe to toe with the very best at this price level."

You can read the full review here.

Tech Spec


Model 2020i


Speaker Configuration Pair of speakers
Speaker Type Bookshelf, Stand Mount
Speaker power handling 25-75W
Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
Sensitivity 88dB
Crossover frequency 2.9kHz
Frequency response 64Hz - 22kHz


Dimensions (W x H x D) 170 x 264.5 x 278 mm
Net weight 6 kg