Q Acoustics 2000WB wall bracket (each)

Q Acoustics 2000WB wall bracket (each)

"Designed specifically for the Q Acoustics 2010i, 2020i and 2000Ci speakers, this bracket is sold singularly and can be used to fix your speaker to the wall with ease. Its design means it is discreet and will help hide your cables too. The ideal bracket for these speakers!"


The Q Acoustics 2000WB wall bracket is designed to work specifically with the Q Acoustics range of speakers. It can be used with the compact 2010i speakers, the larger 2020i speakers or with the dedicated centre speaker the Q2000Ci. As you may need 1, 2, 3 or more of these brackets they are sold individually so you can get the right number of brackets for your own home set up.

Each bracket is solid and designed to both be discreet and to assist you in hiding your cables. The design incorporates a single mount point with an Allen bolt holding the speaker in position. It's therefore easy to adjust your speaker by loosening the bolt and repositioning before retightening the bolt. You can choose to mount almost flat to the wall, or you can angle the speaker both sideways and up and down.

Once you have positioning your speaker perfectly use the included bottom plate to hide everything and give you a neat professional finish.

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