£100 TV Trade in

This promotion has now ended.

Trade in your old television and save £100

Save £100 off our advertised price when you trade in your old television! To get your discount, simply add the TV to your basket and enter discount code TV100. Your discount of £100 will be taken off immediately.

When your order is processed, one of our team will get in touch with you to arrange for collection of your old television at our cost. 

Our offer ends on the 24th December 2015 but you'll be able to apply for your discount up to that day.   

How do I get my trade in discount?

If you are buying online just add the television you'd like to buy into your basket. In your basket there's a 'Discount Code' section. Enter the discount code TV100 in and press 'Apply Coupon'. You'll see the discount applied to your price on your order subtotal next to the 'Proceed to Checkout' button. 

If you are buying over the phone simply ask our sales team to apply the discount code TV100 to your order.

Can I trade in any TV?

Yes - there's no limit on what you trade in as long as it's a television. It doesn't even have to be in working order!

When will you collect my old TV?

As soon as we process your order we'll give you a call to find out what TV you'd like to trade in. This will be within 1 working day of your order being placed.

We'll arrange a mutually convenient date to collect your television. Typically this will be the same day that we deliver your new television to make things as easy as possible for you, but if you'd prefer for us to collect your old TV on a different date, or even from a different location, this will be absolutely fine.

If the cost of collecting your old TV exceeds the value of your old TV we may, at our discretion, opt to leave your television with you. In the event this happens we'll still give you your trade in discount and we won't collect your old TV.

Can I check to see if you'll collect my old TV before I place my order with you?

Yes, of course! Give our team a call on 0345 5577 335 and we'll be happy to advise you on whether we'll need to collect your old television. Remember, if it's too costly for us to collect your old TV, we'll still give you your trade in discount.

What happens if I decide not to keep my new television?

In the event that you decide to return your television for a full refund under our normal returns policy, we'll refund the price you paid only and the old TV will not be returned.

What televisions are included in this promotion?

Only televisions displaying the £100 trade in promotion banner are included in this promotion. Other trade in amounts may be available on other televisions. Please check the television you wish to purchase to see what trade in offer (if any) applies.