The Frame - Photoshoot Experience with Venture

Free Photoshoot Experience with Venture Studios for Samsung Frame customers

Samsung are giving a Free Photoshoot Experience with Venture Studios, when you buy a Samsung Frame TV from an authorised dealer like us between 8th November 2017 and 15th April 2018. (This promotion excludes Ireland). Customers who redeem this offer will be able to upload their images from the photoshoot day to their Samsung Frame TV to display in their home. Customers will also be able to physically take home their images in a Frame which matches their Samsung Frame TV.

Which TVs are included in this offer?

All Samsung Frame TVs are included in this offer. All of these are listed at the bottom of this page.

Can I get this offer on any other Items?

No, only the products listed below qualify for this offer. 

How do I claim this offer?

Please complete the claim form for this Promotion at

Complete the online claim form including your name, address, telephone number, and the name of our store, within 28 days of the purchase date.

Customers must also take a copy of their proof of purchase to the photoshoot - there will be a VAT recipt attached to your delivery, or you can request a new copy via email. We cannot guarantee that our order copnformation emails will be suitable - we would reccomend making sure you have a VAT receipt from us.

Participants may submit a maximum of one claim per TV purchase, one claim per promotional period, and one claim oer household.

Products in this promotion