Claim up to £700 cash back from Samsung when you Upgrade

We are currently offering 2 promotions shown below on Samsung Products totally in a possible £700 cashback from Samsung

Example - Buy a Samsung QE65Q9F and claim £400 cash back, buy a selected Samsung Soundbar and 4K Blu-ray player and claim £100 back on each when bought with a 4K TV. Total = £600 cash back.

Don't forget this is on top of any discounts we may be able to offer so get in touch for our very best price!


Claim up to £500 reward when you buy a selected Samsung UHD certified TV & trade in your old TV*

- Claim £100 on the following TVs - UE55MU6100, UE55MU6500, UE55MU6400, UE55MU6200

- Claim £200 on the following TVs - UE55MU7000, UE55MU8000, UE55MU9000

- Claim £300 on the following TVs - QE55Q7F, QE55Q7C, QE55Q8C

- Claim £400 on the following TVs - QE65Q9F, QE65Q8C, QE65Q7C, QE65Q7F, UE65MU9000, UE65MU8000, UE65MU7000, UE65MU6500, UE65MU6400,  UE65MU6200, UE65MU6100

- Claim £500 on the following TVs - QE88Q9F, QE75Q8C, QE75Q7F, UE75MU8000, UE75MU7000, UE82MU7000, UE75MU6100

*Get in touch about trading in your old TV, if you don't have a TV to trade in give us a call as we still may be able to help.

Claims can be submitted with Samsung - 1st June to 15th August 2017


Claim up to £200 from Samsung when you buy an All in One soundbar, Wireless Subwoofer, and/or UHD Blu-ray Player with any Samsung UHD TV purchase.

- Claim £100 on All in One Soundbar (MS650/1, MS750/1, MS6500/1)

- Claim £100 on UHD Blu-ray Player (UBD-M9500, UBD-M9000)

Therefore, up to £200 to claim when you purchase one product from each AV family

Step 1.Purchase any UHD TV from a selected retailer** and a qualifying All in One Soundbar, Ultra HD Blu-ray Player or Wireless Subwoofer. Purchases must be made within 65 days from the same store/retailer.
Step 2.Wait 30 days after purchase(s).
Step 3.Follow the link below and fll in the form and attach your proof of purchase(s).


Samsung's Instrutions on how to make your claim

1. How do I register?

Each claim must be made after 30 days from the purchase(s) of your qualifying AV promotional products and no later than 60 days from the purchase of your qualifying AV promotional product. To claim go to where an online registration form will be available for you to fill in along with further information about the soundbar promotion.

2. What is a valid proof of purchase?

You will need to submit a copy of your TV receipt and Samsung Soundbar/Ultra HD Blu-ray Player/Subwoofer product receipt as proof of purchase. These should include details on product(s) purchased, VAT information, store details and purchase date. Best AV Deals will provide a digital VAT receipt at your request. Please note that we can only accept a maximum of 3 claims to be made, each AV product must be of a different AV family (Subwoofer, Ultra HD Blu-ray Player or Soundbar). Please ensure that you attach all relevant receipts of subsequent purchases when you submit your claim. The qualifying AV Products must be purchased within 65 days of the selected UHD TV purchase and from the same store/retail chain.

3. What happens if I lose my receipts?

Samsung will not be able to process your claim without valid receipts accompanied with all of the information requested on the claim form. Best AV Deals will provide a digital VAT receipt at your request.

4. How will I know my claim has been validated?

We aim to send an email within 7 days of submitting your claim confirming that your claim has been validated. We will then issue a BACS payment to the value of the applicable claim amount.

5. Who do I call if I haven’t received my cash reward?

Please contact our Customer Services Claims Helpline on 03432 084 777 who will verify that your claim has been received and validated; they will then be able to clarify when you will receive your claim amount.

6. How long will my cash reward take to arrive?

We aim to process the BACS payment within 30 days after validation, although if participation in the promotion exceeds expectations this may take up to 56 days.
Claim for each AV product within 30-60 days from the purchases date of the AVT&Cs – The Important BitsConsumer must purchase qualifying UHD TV (full list of models supplied) – this includes SAMSUNG UHD TVs or COMPETITOR UHD TV MODELS.Consumer can purchase the qualifying AV product on the same day or it must be purchased within 65 days of the UHD TV This is to allow for consumers to come back within a 2 month period (e.g after pay days) to make their selected choice - Soundbar, Blu-ray and/or Subwoofer purchase.If a consumer buys a UHD TV, they can purchase ALL 3 products if they wish. e.g. claim £100 from Soundbar, £100 from Blu-ray Player. Therefore, there is up to £200 saving available.The AV purchase must be purchased from the same retailer as the UHD TV. Purchase a UHD TV at any time between 1st May-30th April 2018Claim at