Samsung QLED and Galaxy S9. Better together and now available together

QLED and Galaxy S9. Better together and now available together 

To help give you a QLED sales lift we’re offering a top of the range TV and smartphone together in one amazing offer. Customers who buy a selected QLED 4K TV will get a complimentary Galaxy S9. 

It’s an amazing promotion that introduces you to the benefits of Samsung connected devices, like being able to enjoy the family photos on your Galaxy S9 smartphone on a big QLED screen.

How it works

Step 1 - Purchase a selected QLED TV between the 13th Feburary and 12th March 2019

Step 2 - Claim a selected Samsung Galaxy smartphone by clicking here, you can do this upto 30 days after your purchase

Step 3 - Receive a selected Galaxy Smartphone after validation

Which items are included in this offer?

All sizes in the following ranges are included in this offer, you can also find all products included at the bottom of this page.

Samsung Q8FN, Q8CN, Q8DN & Q9FN 

Can I get this offer on any other Items?

No, only the products listed below qualify for this offer. 

How do I claim this offer?

Follow this link to claim this offer -

Products in this promotion