6 Months Free Deezer Subscription

Claim a free 6 month Deezer subscription when you purchase selected Samsung products.

Samsung have a great free gift for you. Claim 6 months of complimentary ad-free music from Deezer Premium or Deezer HiFi  when you buy selected Samsung Audio Products listed below between from 4th July – 31st December 2018.  This offer is only available from authorised Samsung dealers - like us!

How does it work?

Step 1. Purchase a qualifying Samsung Audio product from the list below.

Step 2.  Go to https://www.samsung.com/uk/deezer-music/

Step 3. Click ‘Redeem Deezer Code’ to redeem your Deezer Premium or Deezer HiFi voucher code.

1. Purchase at least one qualifying Samsung Wireless Audio 360 speaker or Soundbar.* Follow instructions above.
2. A maximum of two Deezer Premium or Deezer HiFi unique codes may be applied to your Deezer account. 
3. All Samsung products in this promotion must be registered by 21st January 2019.

Which products are included?

Simply purchase any of the Samsung products listed below.

Can I get this offer on a different product?

No, only the products listed below qualify for this offer.

Eligible products

Promotion ProductRewardPromotion ProductReward
HW-K950/XU Deezer HiFi HT-J4530/XU Deezer Premium
HW-K850/XU Deezer HiFi HW-J4550/XU Deezer Premium
HW-MS750/XU Deezer HiFi HT-J5500/XU Deezer Premium
HW-MS751/XU Deezer HiFi HW-J250/XU Deezer Premium
HW-MS6500/XU Deezer HiFi HW-K335/XU Deezer Premium
HW-MS6501/XU Deezer HiFi HW-M360/XU Deezer Premium
HW-MS650/XU Deezer HiFi HW-K450/XU Deezer Premium
HW-MS651/XU Deezer HiFi HW-M460/XU Deezer Premium
HW-MS550/XU Deezer HiFi HW-M4500/XU Deezer Premium
HW-N850/XU Deezer HiFi HW-M4501/XU Deezer Premium
HW-N950/XU Deezer HiFi HW-N300/XU Deezer Premium
WAM7500/XU Deezer HiFi HW-N400/XU Deezer Premium
WAM7501/XU Deezer HiFi HW-N450/XU Deezer Premium
WAM6500/XU Deezer HiFi HW-N650/XU Deezer Premium
WAM6501/XU Deezer HiFi HW-M550/XU Deezer Premium
WAM5500/XU Deezer HiFi
WAM3500/XU Deezer HiFi
WAM3501/XU Deezer HiFi
WAM1500/XU Deezer HiFi
WAM1501/XU Deezer HiFi

Terms and conditions

Promoter: Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited. UK or ROI residents aged 18+ only (Participants). Purchase a selected new (i.e. not second hand) Samsung soundbar (Promotion Product) from a participating retailer between 04.07.18 – 31.12.18, claim online from the Promoter at www.samsung.com/uk/offer/deezer-music by 21.01.19 and redeem online from Deezer at www.deezer.com/samsungoffer by 31.03.19. Purchases from auction websites (e.g. eBay), from third party sellers on online retailers’ websites (e.g. Amazon Marketplace), are specifically excluded from this promotion. Maximum 1 claim per Promotion Product and 2 claims per Participant. A maximum of 2 codes may be applied to a Deezer account. Existing users of the Deezer Premium service or Deezer Hifi are not eligible to redeem the offer. At the end of the 6 month free period the subscription will automatically renew at £9.99 per month (for the Premium subscription) and £19.99 per month (for the HiFi subscription), unless cancelled. Deezer terms apply (www.deezer.com/legal/cgu). See www.samsung.com/uk/offer/deezer-music for full terms and conditions.


Products in this promotion

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