Package Deals

Flexible package deals to suit your pocket

We love giving you the best deals, and every day we work hard to find you the best prices and the best deals on all our products.

When you are looking for the best deal, buying packages can be a great way to save money with many dealers giving discounts on specific product combinations such as AV receivers and speaker packages, or TV's and Blu-ray players. However, you are often forced into purchasing a very specific product package of the dealers choice, and not the package you actually want. There isn't usually flexibility to change items in your package and often you just can't get what you want.

Here at Best AV Deals we want YOU to decide on your package and we'll give you a simple discount based on what's in your basket.

How does it work?

Simply add 2 or more items to your basket, at least one of which must be included in our package discount promotion, and you'll get a package discount.  Remember, items that are included in package deals will have a Package Deal banner at the top of the product page.

Your basket can contain as many items as you want, and for every product included in our package discount promotion you'll get an additional package discount. There's no end to the possible combinations to ensure you get the best deal possible.

How much will my package discount be?

Each product included in our package discount promotion will have a package deal discount amount. You'll get up to the value of that discount if the goods you add are less than the amount, but if they are the same or more you'll get the full discount.

Sounds complex - but actually it's not too bad in practice. Here's a great example.

Let's say you want to buy a TV worth £600 which has a £75 package discount deal on it.

If you bought your TV on it's own you'd pay £600. You can add any other item to your cart upto £75 in value and get it for free OR add anything else to your cart over the value of £75 then you will get £75 off the total amount in your cart.

- If you bought your TV with an HDMI cable worth £20, you'd get £20 off your cart so you'd pay £600

- If you bought your TV with a Blu-ray player worth £60, you'd get £60 off your cart so you'd pay £600

- If you bought your TV with both the HDMI cable and the Blu-ray player (£80 total value), you'd get £75 off your cart so you'd pay £605

So the more you add to your cart, the better your savings. If you have a few items in your cart with package deals on them, we will just total up the value of all the discounts and take it from your total. eg. If you have £1000 of goods in your cart including an item with £100 package deal and another item with £50 package deal, we will give £150 discount off your total order.

If you shop cleverly you should be able to get a fantastic deal, or give us a call on 0345 5577 335 and let us find the best deal for you.

Why not try adding a few products and see your discount grow?

Which products are included?

At least one item must have a package discount to get a discount, but other than that you can add any product you want to your basket to get your package discount.

Are there any exclusions?

Most of the time, no. However there's a couple of rare exclusions we'll tell you about in case you happen across them. Thankfully they are quite logical and should make perfect sense.

Product options for a single product

Some products have options that may change the price of the product and/or add an additional item at a set price. They are displayed as part of that product and you'll get a final price including all your options before you add it to your cart. We consider these to be single product so we don't give you a discount if you only add that product to your cart.

A great example is a television with an optional cost extra warranty. As the warranty is part of that product and is not a separate product you wouldn't get a discount for adding the warranty to the television. If however you added another product (such as a cable) then you'd of course get your discount.

Price Challenge/Price matches

We offer price matching on all our products and on some products we also offer a price challenge. If we offer you a price lower than our advertised price on a product then the product will be excluded totally from the package deal promotion.

Normally, the package deal promotion will always give you the best price if you are buying two or more products so make sure you consider carefully which option gives you the best deal.