Free 5 year warranty

For any customers who are choosing to buy an extended warranty if a free one isn't included with your chosen TV - the warranty is the same as below and has all the same terms of coverage.


Get 5 years warranty for free when you buy selected televisions

When you buy selected televisions from us we'll also provide you with an extended warranty to increase your warranty cover to a total of 5 years. We'll pay for the warranty ourselves so you'll pay nothing extra for it - you'll get the warranty for free.

Which TV's are included?

You will see it clearly stated on the product pages for which a warranty is provided for free, it's written just above the price.

How long is the warranty for?

We are giving you a total of 5 years cover with your television.

The warranty we buy for you will extend the existing manufacturers warranty to a total of 5 years. This means if your TV already has a 1 year manufacturers warranty then the cover we provide will be 4 years starting from when your manufacturers warranty ends. These are often referred to as 1+4 years warranty. Similary if your TV has 2 years cover then we'll provide a 2+3 years warranty.

Either way, you'll get 5 years in total of breakdown cover for your television.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty will cover parts and labour costs if your television breaks down. In the event that the television cannot be repaired or the cost of repair exceeds the value of the television then you'll get a like for like replacement for free. If possible this will be the same television, but as most TV models are only around for a year it's more likely to be a brand new television with the same or similar specifications.

The warranty does not provide accidental damage cover, nor will it cover accessories such as remote controls or 3D glasses. In this respect it's the same as your manufacturers warranty.

If you've still got the original manufacturers packaging then you warranty may also cover any transport costs at their discretion. However, if you've thrown away the packaging then it's more likely you'll have to take the television to an approved repairer. Luckily most people will be less than 40 miles from one, but as always we recommend keeing the packaging to ensure you can transport the TV easily.

When will I get the warranty?

In most cases we don't send out the extended warranties straight away. The extended warranty is linked to the serial number of your television and in the unlikely event that the TV breaks down in the first 28 days most manufacturers will replace the television, which would mean a different serial number.

We make sure that your warranty is correctly linked to your TV by waiting for at least 28 days before processing your warranty. We therefore advise you to wait between 4 to 6 weeks for your warranty to be issued. During busy periods such as around the holidays this can take up to 12 weeks.

Therefore please don't worry if you don't get your warranty straight away. You are still covered by the manufacturers warranty for the first year and of course your free warranty forms part of the sale agreement between us.

Who do I call if there is a problem?

In the unlikely event that your television breaks down simply call the warranty provider. We'd also ask that you let us know too, and of course if you are not sure who to call then we can let you know.