CEOL £25 cashback

This promotion ended on the 31st January 2015. We've left this page up for you for your information.

Claim up to £300 cashback when you purchase selected Denon CEOL products.

Here's a very special offer for you.  When you purchase any of the fantastic Denon CEOL products listed below between 1st November 2014 and  31st January 2015, you can claim back a cash reward from Denon.  This offer is only available from authorised Denon dealers - like us!

How does it work?

Just buy one of the products below.  We'll provide you with receipts which you can use on Denon's Website to claim your cash back.  You must have your receipts to claim - so keep them safe.  And you must make sure you claim before 14 February 2015.  Denon will then pay your cashback into your nominated bank account by 3 March 2015.

How much can I claim?

You can claim up to £25 - it depends on which item you buy. Just look below to see the exact amount of cashback available on each item.  

£25 cashback - CEOL RCD-N9, CEOL RCD-N8

£20 cashback - CEOL Piccolo N4 (DRA-N4), CEOL Piccolo N5 (DRA-N5)


Which products are included?

Simply purchase any of the products listed below!

Can I get this offer on a different item?

No, only the products listed below qualify for this offer.

How do I claim?

Make sure you have your receipts, and then complete the claim form on Denon's website.

Products in this promotion

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