Pro-Ject Phono Box MM

Pro-Ject Phono Box MM phono pre-amplifier

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"If you've got a record player then you'll need a phono stage. It's effectively a pre amplifier for a record deck as the output on them is very low. In some cases you might not need one - read below to find out more."


Every single record deck requires a pre-amplifier in order to work. The reason? The output from a record player is incredibly low so if you don't use a pre-amplifer you'll get a very muffled, noisy and quiet sound.

Back in the 70's when record decks were the main source for any stereo system then amplifiers would have the required pre-amplifier built into them. You'd simply plug your record deck into the input labelled 'Phono' and the pre-amplifier would be inside your amplifier, so no need to worry about anything. However, as CD players slowly became the normal then amplifier manufacturers stopped putting phono pre-amplifiers in. Why? Well, it costs money! Why put in a phono stage that would increase the cost of the amplifier when the vast majority of people won't use it!

So, phono pre-amplifiers started to become the norm - small powered boxes that sat between your record deck and your amplifier and provided the necessary pre-amplification. We are also seeing some modern record decks now have the pre-amplifier built into them so, just to confuse matters, you'll need to check both your amplifer and your record deck to see if they have a pre-amplifier!

If they both don't, then you'll need one of these. The Pro-Ject Phono Box MM is a phono pre-amplifier for use with record decks with a moving magnet style of cartridge only. There's a slightly more expensive version that can also deal with moving coil cartridges too but this should suit most people's needs.

The sound quality on it is good too so you'll get a decent sound from this, and is a good partner for record decks up to around the £300 mark. You may want to spend a little more if you have a higher end record deck. To use, plug it into the mains and attach your record deck to the audio inputs and use the optional ground if you have a ground cable.

You'll also need a pair of RCA's to connect to your amplifier - these don't come with this unit so if you need some then we'd recommed the QED Profile cables - good quality but good value.

Of course, if you are unsure on whether you need this product then give us a call - we are here to help and one of our experts can advise you.

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