Pro-Ject Head Box S

Pro-Ject Head Box S headphone amplifier

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"If you are looking to improve the quality of your headphones then a good quality headphone amplifier will do the trick nicely! Most in built in headphone sockets run off of a fairly cheap amplifier so never get the best out of your headphones. A dedicated amplifier dramatically improves sound quality!"


• Audiophile headphone amplifier  

• 6,3mm jack input on front  

• Suitable for headphones with low or high impedance  

• Full metal housing protects against interference  

• RCA stereo input  

• RCA stereo loop-out  

• Significantly better sound than standard headphone outputs from integrated amplifiers  

• DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)  

• Best-buy award winner  

• On/Off switch on front  

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Model Head Box S