Ensure you get the first stock and the best deal with a pre order


As authorised dealers for all the manufacturers we deal with in the UK we get to hear about new products weeks or sometimes months before they are launched. As soon as we hear about them we let you know.

If you decide you want to get the latest products when they launch, then we'll help in every way we can to ensure you get the first stock in the UK and the best price or deal. Simply place a pre order with us and we'll make sure you are taken care of.

No deposit

You won't need to pay us a penny. Unlike other dealers, we don't want or need your money in advance for a pre order.

No obligation

There's no obligation to go ahead with your pre order. You can cancel it at any time without any penalty.

The first stock in the UK

As a major dealer we've already ordered stock of all our pre order products and we'll get our stock when the product launches. All our pre order customers get first choice to buy ahead of everyone else so you'll know you will be getting the first stock in the UK.

Guaranteed the best price or deal

As always our prices are better than any other UK dealer. If you want a deal you'll always get the best deal here. We advertise the recommended retail price when we first hear about a product, but if the price goes down before the product is launched you'll get the cheaper price. Even better, if the price goes up you'll still get the cheaper price.

We'll also check our prices and deals against all other dealers to ensure you couldn't have got a better deal elsewhere. So why shop elsewhere? Get the best deal here!

How to place your pre order

There are two ways to do this - you can place your order online quickly and easily. Add the product to your basket and check out - when our site asks you for payment, choose the option for us to call you for payment. We'll then treat your order as a pre order and we will call you when stock comes in.

Or, if you prefer, give us a call on 0345 5577 335 and ask to place a pre order. We'll take some details and do the rest for you.

Any other questions?

We are committed to providing you the best deals possible. If you have any questions at all, or want expert advice, why not call us on 0845 5577 335? We are happy to help you and will ensure you get the best deal possible.