Pioneer VSX-424

Pioneer VSX-424 5.1 channel AV receiver

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"This older AV receiver was discontinued some time ago and we no longer have any stock left of it - we're sorry. From here, you can browse the latest Pioneer AV receivers by clicking here, or if you'd like us to help you find what you are looking for why not get in touch?"

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AV receivers can get pretty expensive pretty quickly so it's nice to see a good quality budget receiver from Pioneer that strips things back. The VSX-424 doesn't have things like internet and it doesn't support anything other than a 5.1 setup, but actually the majority of people looking for AV tend to go for this level of set up. As such, you aren't paying for things that you don't need which is always a bonus!

Even on the video side, although there's basic switching there isn't any upconversion or upscaling which is perfect if you are not using this as a video switcher or if you only intend to use HDMI. Again, costs are kept down as a result.

It's the sound that matters here, and for the price you really are getting this in droves. It comfortably drives 5.1 speaker packs and also does a good job on mid range full sized speaker packs. You would have to spend a lot more to get signficant improvements!

As a budget receiver you shouldn't expect hand holding through the set up process so it's assumed you will know a little bit about how to get things going, but it's not too tricky to do and thankfully Pioneer have a rather handy support helpline to assist you if things are tricky - or call us of course!

If you want a slighly easier life (and internet connectivity) then take a look at the VSX-529 which will give you much the same as this reciever but with a few knobs and whilstles extra.

All in all it's perfect for a budget set up and is ideal if you want a good quality 5.1 system.

Also known as: VSX-424-K, VSX424, VSX 424K, VSX 424, VSX424K

Tech Spec


Model VSX-424-K

Amplifier Section

Amplifier type Integrated
Maximum surround 5.1
Number of channels 5
Subwoofer pre-outs 1
Power per channel 130W

Audio Section

Surround sound processing Dolby True HD, DTS-HD

Video Section

Is it 3D? Yes
Supported video formats N/A, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 4K
4K passthrough Yes

Inputs and Outputs

HDMI connections 4 in, 1 out
USB connections 1, (1 on front), To playback from USB sticks, To playback from USB hard drives
Headphone output Yes, 3.5 mm


Remote Control Remote control included, Apple app available, Android app available