Pioneer SBX-300 soundbar

Pioneer SBX-300 soundbar

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The soundbar market is huge nowadays with the majority of people owning a flat screen TV using some form of sound system to improve the poor sound that is pretty much guaranteed with a flat screen TV. Soundbars are of course the most common way of doing this so invariably every manufacturer seems to have an offering, and in most cases they have three or four to choose from!

This entry level soundbar from Pioneer uses their know how on stereo sound to create a quite reasonable soundbar at a very cheap price. It's actually a lot better than most sub £100 soundbars so you'll get a good boost on your sound with this. 

Plug in your TV using an optical cable and that's about it - there's a remote control so you can set the volume to your tastes. There's a couple of other audio inputs on the rear but no HDMI connections nor Bluetooth which is no great surprise at this level.

The only real minus is that there isn't a dedicated subwoofer. This is fairly typical on soundbars at this level - subwoofers aren't cheap and would tend to add around £50-100 to the price so it's unlikely you'd find anything of a decent quality with a subwoofer at this price. However, if you really do want a subwoofer then this isn't the soundbar for you!

Also known as: SBX300, SBX 300

Tech Spec


Model SBX-300
Range No


Number of channels 2
Power rating at 4 ohms
Total power rating 130W

Inputs and Outputs

Optical connections 2 in
Digital Co-axial connections 1 in
Analog connections 1 in (minijack)


Screen Mirroring No


Curved screen or soundbar No


Dimensions (W x H x D) 900 x 86 x 121 mm without feet, 900 x 106 x 121 mm with feet
Net weight 4.3 kg