Pioneer Rayz - Lightning-powered earphones for iPod, iPhone and iPad

Pioneer Rayz - Lightning-powered earphones for iPod, iPhone and iPad

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"For decades, accessories provided a passive experience, without the intelligence to adapt to their environment or automatically tune themselves to user’s needs. Not anymore. With the latest Lighting-powered technology and integrated software, Rayz are a new category of Appcessories that work with your iPhone like nothing before. Rayz give everyone greater customization, capability, and controls, wherever they go. These are today’s smartest appcessories for a new generation of iPhone lovers."

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Module Technology - Rayz are the world’s first earphone to use Next Gen Lightning Audio Technology, delivering more features in the smallest of sizes.

Compact Design - Rayz are full-featured earphones that don’t compromise on size. No battery. No charging cable. Small enough to go anywhere, anytime, Rayz are the perfect balance of size and technology.

Lighting Powered - Lower current consumption than any other Lightning headset. Comparison based on same mode of operation.

Autopause - Rayz know when you’re using them. Take them out, and they automatically pause your movie or music. Put them back in and your movie or music resume.

Hearthru Mode - Rayz’ HearThru mode passes ambient sounds through your noise cancelling, for greater awareness of your environment. Everything from the honking car, to the barista calling your name.

Smart Button - With one touch, bring up your favorite app, mute/unmute calls, or launch the Rayz controls. It’s the easiest way to get to the things you love.

Smart Noise Cancelling - Rayz tailors its performance to your ear, and adjusts its noise cancelling to the world around you, so you can focus on the things you want.

Personalised App - Customize your earphone and smart button settings. Software updates are delivered automatically, bringing new features and capabilities.

Smart Mute - The moment you stop speaking, Rayz microphones automatically go on mute. When you start speaking Rayz unmute again - perfect for all those coffee shop conference calls.

Hey Siri - Rayz Lightning headphones are the first to auto­matically recognize "Hey Siri" commands to simply make a call, send a message, listen to music and much more.

Tech Spec


Model Pioneer Rayz


Headphone type In ear
Headphone jack size Apple Lightning