Pioneer N-50A

Pioneer N-50A network audio player

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"New for 2014/2015, this network player replaces the popular N-50 player. With the power to stream music all around your home from the comfort of your sofa, you'll never need to get up for a CD again."
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Replacing the N-50 network player, the Pioneer N-50A music server allows you to stream digital music around your home from a huge variety of devices includuing your own computer, iPhones and iPads (thanks to AirPlay) and even from the internet with services such as internet radio.

It's got a high quality DAC built in so it will do an excellent job of decoding your music too to give you CD quality (or better) sound. Out goes the CD player then as you can store all your CD's on a hard drive and access them all using the app available for your Apple or Android products. 

The N-50A isn't wireless out of the box and we'd recommend anyway usign a wired connection as it is more stable and will give better results, but if you need to connect wirelessly to your router then add the AS-WL300 wireless dongle to your order to get online easily.

As well as all the network capabilities there's also three USB ports (with one on front) to enable you to play back from memory sticks or from older non-wireless Applie products such as iPods, or even use one of them to connect directly to your PC just in case you don't want to network.

We think this sort of product will completely replace hard format sources such as CD players, so getting high quality is important and the N-50A does it beautifully. A great bit of kit for the musically minded.

Also known as: N-50A-K, N-50A-S, N50AK, N50AS, N50

Tech Spec


Model N-50A

Disc playback

Audio formats AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, FLAC, MP3, WAV

Inputs and Outputs

USB connections 1, To playback from USB sticks, To playback from USB hard drives, To playback and charge iPods/iPhones


Is it networkable? Yes, wired only but wireless module optional
Internet services Apple AirPlay, Spotify, vTuner


Remote Control Apple app available, Android app available