Pioneer Dolby Atmos

Pioneer Dolby Atmos system

"Arguably the first complete Dolby Atmos speaker pack, this pack from Pioneer actually consists of a choice of speakers that - crucially - have both forward firing and upward firing satellite speakers (in a choice of sizes) allowing you to get true Dolby Atmos sound without the need for lots of extra speakers."

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The Pioneer Dolby Atmos system consists of a choice of different speakers from Pioneer to give you a complete home cinema system that also conforms to the standards required for Dolby Atmos.

As you may (or may not!) be aware, Dolby Atmos requires additional upward firing speakers in order to generate a more realistic and immersive sound. Pioneer have developed the speakers in this pack to have 'dual' speakers - that is, speakers that have both forward firing and upward firing parts in order to confirm to Dolby Atmos standards.

This means less speakers for you whilst getting true Dolby Atmos sound - rather handy! There's a choice of two sizes of speakers with the smaller speakers being ideal for the rears whilst the larger speakers being ideal for the fronts. You can of course go large all around or small all around instead - our picture shows a set with the recommended mix of large or small speakers.

A subwoofer is optional, although it will add some significant extra bass at the bottom. Pioneer recommend their 7 series subwoofer for this system but you can use any subwoofer of your choosing if you desire.

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